The Gift of Mothering

Mothering is a woman’s natural feminine ability to nurture and respond to the needs of a child. It is the feminine touch in child rearing. It is the mama instinct. I believe every female has the gift of mothering and it does not require birthing a child for one to become a mother. There are women who have never birth a child, yet they care for children better than women with children. There are women who are able to love and care for another woman’s child like they birth the child.

As mothers, we may struggle with mothering as we go through different seasons of life. Yet, this does not mean that we are not equipped for mothering. We enhance our mothering skills through personal experience, learning from others and more importantly, seeking God’s wisdom (Proverbs 3:5-6).

To the first time mom feeling incompetent, you have the gift of mothering. To the mother waiting to become a mother, you have the gift of mothering. To the mother battling postpartum depression, you have the gift of mothering. Motherhood is a lifelong journey and we have the opportunity to get better with each step we take on this journey.

Even when we feel incompetent in mothering, we have the seed of mothering in us. We can grow this seed and become fearless mothers, perfect enough for our children. Not perfect in our own strength, but by God’s grace.


  1. Aww I love this. I was a school nurse at a high school last year. My own son was 8.5 at the time. I was nervous how the students would accept me. Some of the students loved me so much and called me Momma Bass. I was thinking I’m not old enough to be their mother, but I realized they saw something in me that I didn’t realize. I wasn’t old enough to be their mom, but I still had that nurturing seed God put in me that was perfect for my patients/students. Your post was a good reminder for me of that season

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