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When Love Collides

Almost every new mom says “I did not know I could love someone this much”. This same love can turn a mother without combat skills into a fierce warrior when her child is in trouble.

Love is what makes many mothers quit bad habits that could potentially hurt a child in their womb. For love is selfless.

Yet, a Mother’s love falls short without God’s love. When maternal love encounters God’s love and becomes captured by it, love becomes a spiritual warrior fighting the root cause of every evil that comes against her children.

When maternal love collides with God’s love, an undefeatable force of love is created.

As I enforce victory over death this season,God’s love is what keeps me fighting. God’s love is what I cling to. God’s love is my hope. God’s love cast out fear.

My prayer is that God’s love will be revealed to you this season.

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