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Surviving Child Abuse (Interview 1)

Last year, I reconnected with my interviewee via social media. We attended high school together, more than fifteen years ago. My memories of our high school interactions cannot be retrieved. I feel terrible that she was going through hell and I did not know it. I was deeply moved by her story and decided to support her advocacy efforts and organization. Please pray for my friend and consider supporting her cause with your finances. I admire her selfless service and relentless spirit. She left her regular job three years ago to focus on humanitarian services, creating more awareness on child abuse and rescuing victims. God has indeed turned her traumatic childhood experience into a ministry of hope for children who have survived or are at risk of child sexual abuse.

My interviewee, Oluwatobi Raji is a Gender Based Violence (GBV) Advocate focusing on “child safety”. She has over 5 years work experience in the humanitarian field. She founded Every Child Initiative, a nonprofit organization that educates the general public on preventive measures to child sexual abuse and rape of minors using digital media and grassroot advocacy as a tool to disseminate her message. She also ensures a safe space is provided for vulnerable children living on the street via her partnership with orphanage homes spread across 36 states in Nigeria. Oluwatobi holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Diplomacy from Iscom University, Cotonou, Benin Republic.

Please tell us about Every Child Initiative and what inspired you to start such initiative?

Every Child Initiative  (ECI) is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-political and non-profit making organization that promotes the rights of children against child sexual abuse and rape of minors via the aid of digital media and grassroot advocacy. The organization was founded in January 2019 with the leading and backing of the Holy Spirit. Every Child Initiative also provides shelter and access to quality education to vulnerable children living on the street via partnership with orphanage homes and support from donor partners. Every Child Initiative supports the empowerment of women and youth through partnership and capacity building to enhance social justice and help them live in a world free from violence and poverty. The organization operates in different rural communities spread across the 36 States in Nigeria.

My passion in becoming a Gender Based Violence Advocate with focus on “Child Safety” was birth due to my personal experience as a survivor of multiple counts of rapes 10 times by 10 different persons. The first encounter was at age 8, when I was raped by my maternal uncle which lingered till I clocked age 15. The other encounters were between age 13 – 19 years.

What are your biggest goals and the challenges your organization is currently facing?

Our biggest goal is to have a place to call home for child survivors of sexual abuse and vulnerable children living on the street, having realized that lack of adequate shelter or homelessness is a big contributing factor to child sexual abuse and rape of minors in Nigeria. That is, I want Every Child Initiative to have a proper shelter and psychosocial support center for the above mentioned children.

One of our challenges is lack of funds to execute urgent projects and getting the vision or goal accomplished. Another challenge is having my organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, getting this done will give us access to harness both local and international funding which will enable us do more. Due to limited funds, I do not have the ability to fulfill the requirements for registering the organization at the moment.

Every Child Initiative has and is experiencing the favor of God via support from concerned individuals who have taken it upon themselves to support this cause.

Overtime, Oluwatobi will share her rescue efforts and the stories of survivors with us. You can connect with her via Facebook. Please join me in supporting her cause by making a donation via the link below. Thank you for your time, prayer and financial support!

Every Child Initiative

Donation to support child sexual abuse survivors and vulnerable children.


PS: To avoid fees and other charges, I am receiving donations for Oluwatobi through my personal paypal account. Oluwatobi will receive every dollar donated via this link. Thank you!

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