The Perfect Marriage

The perfect marriage is the united relationship between an imperfect man and an imperfect woman serving a perfect God.

This man and woman are after God’s heart despite their flaws.

They work on their flaws while celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of each other.

They forgive each other daily and do each other good everyday of their lives.

Jesus, the head of the Church is the head of their home.

Their identity is found in Christ, not in their marital status.

This man and woman love and adore each other, they do not idolize each other.

They pray over each other’s head.

They defend one another, physically and spiritually.

They are selfless, loving one another like Christ loves the Church.

They truly lay down their lives for one another.

They don’t tolerate sin in their home.

They do not tolerate any form of adultery; passionate, visual, spiritual, mental, and emotional.

They ask God for wisdom to make their marriage work.

They don’t assume they know what each person needs; they ask one another and ask God.

They communicate and know each other’s love language.

They stay on the offensive against the spirit of divorce.

The perfect marriage is only perfect because the man and woman consistently ask God to teach them to be the best husband and wife.


  1. Great post ❤️. I believe it was John Gottman who said that, on average, every marriage has roughly 69% of unsolvable problems – no one is perfect.

    It’s about being aware of the faults you can handle and choosing wisely, and about knowing how to talk with each other and with God and being willing to better yourself.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This needs to be a sweet and simple study lesson for engaged couples!!!❤️…and a great lesson reminder for married ones!! Such a key source having God in the center of our marriage!!!

  3. So true, the only way to be truly happy in your marriage is to follow bible principals. God instituted the first marriage and gives us the best advice, Ephesians 6:22-25.