Mary Mesikapp


My usual morning foray found me in line at my favorite coffee shop. In front of me stood a young teen boy, perhaps a freshman in high school dressed in NFL football gear to warm his morning. Brrrr! It was a subzero morning standard for winter. The teen boy avoided eye contact and stood back…

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The Bright Morning Star

Where are you fixing your eyes? Is it in anticipation of the Bright Morning Star and the remembrance of Jesus at Christmas? Scripture tells us Jesus is the Bright Morning Star. The angel spoke to John, the apostle, and showed him things to come. This is a prophecy of Jesus coming to earth: “I, Jesus,…

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Parenting: It Takes A Village

The more time passes as a parent, the more I realize how little I truly understand parenting. Even if you are not a parent, this post will encourage you. We need each other to walk on this earth and raise our children. Children are a masterpiece of God. Parents or caregivers are the caretakers, coaches,…

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God is amazing! He provides us with glimpses of His character through our friends and relationships. We can see His nature reflected in the eyes of those who come in and out of our lives. A few nights ago, I explained to my daughter, “there are friends that stick closer than a brother or sister,…

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Peanut butter and Jelly are comfort food to me like friends who comfort. There are sweet jelly times and sticky, gooey, salty moments with a few crushed nuts added.  A tall glass of milk or your favorite refreshing beverage helps the sandwich bites to go down. I have been blessed with older women who mentor,…

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“You’ll be in my Heart” by Phil Collins holds a wonderful memory for our family. Tarzan, the 1999 hit Disney movie tells the story of a young boy orphaned after a shipwreck. His parents end up dying, and a gorilla mom and her family raise him in the jungle. At first glance, it may not…

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We are all born unique in the Image of God. We may have brown, black, blonde, red hair, or a variation? We may have brown, black, blue, green, hazel, or any combination of eye color. We have skin color from pale white, yellow, every tan or brown, mahogany to gorgeous black. We are a beautiful…

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The Comparison Trap

In this world of technology, every day becomes a battle of resisting comparison. Whether it is access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, the ability to see other people’s lives in a photograph or with a post can be a daily struggle of discontent. The picture or post may appear to reflect a positive, healthy…

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Two Mothers Who love

The connection of two mothers through adoption is multifaceted, amazing, and full of many emotions. I have experienced open adoption. For those who don’t know, open adoption can initially start as shared photos and letters through an intermediary and sometimes leads to shared identifying information and intertwined lives. It is not a legal contract; it…

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