Rest in the Storm

Here is an interesting fact about this post- I started writing it on the 23rd of May, 2019. In my blogging journey, I have found it very helpful to quickly write whatever is laid on my heart so that I can reflect on it and later share with you, my friends. It may take months…


BRAT diet is always my go to remedy for diarrhea. BRAT stands for Banana, Rice, Apples (apple sauce for babies), and Toast. You can read more about the diet here When the little one has diarrhea, I know it's time to change his diet. Many times, the diarrhea is explosive, out of control, and gets…

Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker

Sleep is not overrated, mommas and pappas! Take a break, ask for help, and sleep. New moms with one child, please sleep when your baby sleeps. Everything can wait. Mommas with multiple kids, please prioritize sleep/rest. If you find it difficult to sleep at night despite doing all that is recommended by the scientist/expert in this video, just talk to God about difficulty sleeping. He knows anyways. Remember Psalm 127:2 “In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat– for he grants sleep to those he loves.” Enjoy this ever timely post by fellow blogger Schulter


5 min read. 20 min video.

One of my earliest blog posts was on sleep. The heading was/is, Grace and the beauty of sleep. You can read it here. I had stumbled on this truth about sleep—that within the Christian scriptures, God spoke to people in their sleep. God, very few times spoke to people who were wide awake. The message of the post was to encourage us to relax a bit. Take it easy. Go to sleep and let God do the night shift.

Sleep is a fundamental gospel truth, and this truth is a thread that runs throughout the Christian scriptures. In my earlier post, I highlighted instances of sleep and the results. For example, in the garden, when God wanted to give Adam a wife, he put him to sleep. When God wanted to give his son, Jesus, a new wife, he put him to sleep…

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