The Stay at home mom-life: The Lord who is there

As a stay at home mother, one of the aspects of mom-life that surprised me the most was the isolation and loneliness that came with it. Mothers themselves don’t talk about it, and no one really asks. Everyone just assumes that mothers are busy taking care of babies and that they don’t really need company....

A Short Christmas Message

Giving to someone who cannot return the favor is one of the most joyful things to do. As parents, we give the gift of time, love, money, and more to our children because that's what parents do, and most times we expect nothing in return. Especially when our children are developmentally incapable of giving back.…

In Honor of 9/11

Powerful message by Alicia with a 9/11 testimony that will leave you speechless. Be blessed!

For His Purpose

***If time is an issue don’t even read my blog post, just go straight down to the video and be sure to watch the whole thing; it’s an incredible testimony of a man (pilot) who was originally scheduled to fly the first plane to crash on 9/11.***

When Nate and I first began homeschooling our kids we attended an annual homeschool conference every Spring. We had some best friends who would also go and we’d all make a long weekend out of it, enjoying adult company with one another. Some of our best memories have come from those days.

During the time that we’d spend at the actual conference I’m pretty sure the guys found most of their entertainment counting the number of pregnant women and sneaking cat naps hoping us wives wouldn’t notice. Each year the homeschool conference would host a guest speaker and to be honest some years…

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