Testimony Time

I posted this on my Facebook few hours ago and I thought it would be a blessing to share this wonderful testimony here. My prayer is that my testimony will challenge you to rest in God’s love and faithfulness.

Long post because I am thrilled, grateful and wohooo!! I just received my first text book for my PhD program in the mail few minutes ago. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude for how far God has brought me. All my life God has been faithful. Even when I fall short, Jesus doesn’t quit on me. Sometimes my life looks perfect, like I make the best decisions…that’s kinda true because my imperfect life is perfect with Jesus in it. It took me 6 years to complete my bachelors degree due to financial difficulties. But God turned things around for me, I completed 2 masters degree in 18 months while pregnant and didn’t have to worry about funding or student loan. Within the next 4 years, I will have 3 masters degree, become a licensed behavior therapist and complete a PhD in infant and early childhood development mental health and developmental disorders. Jesus is all I have! No man can take the glory for what God has done for me. Yes, I am self motivated, I have a supportive spouse and different people have helped me along the way..but it’s only because God laid it in their hearts to support me and God’s favor is upon my life. God can give you the best life, talk to him today.

I am not ashamed to publicly ascribe all glory to God for every accomplishment. It is His breath in my lungs. It is God’s favor upon my life that has made things fall in place for me and my family. For without God I can do nothing meaningful.

Thank you for reading. Stay blessed.


  1. In the bad times, He is God and in the amazingly mindblowing times, he is still God

    Praise God for your testimony!! And how u did it during pregnancy? It can only be the grace, goodness, strength of Gid

  2. Congratulations mama! I’m a fellow Christian as well. 😊 I have a blog post about the fruits of the spirit relating to motherhood that you might like if you have time. I’ve been enjoying your posts. God bless. ❤️