7 Types of Godly Girlfriends Every Christian Woman Needs (for her journey)

Yesterday, the need for godly relationships was discussed on the blog. I piggybacked on Hasini’s post and emphasized the importance of community and asking for help. Apart from our immediate family members, our friends are often the ones we turn to in crisis. What type of friends do you have? I have friends who can shake heaven with me and tell me the truth when it is difficult to accept. Do you have such friends? In this post, Hannah Forbes-Smith asserts that every Christian woman should have friends with 7 key qualities. I agree with her propositions and I am excited to share her post with you. Enjoy and be blessed! 2 mins read.


  1. Amen! Since coming to Christ 8 years ago, God has shown me the need for these types of women. It’s been a difficult road because I didn’t have these examples growing up, but God is good and continues to provide wher I was lacking in real, genuine relationships. God bless, keep writing, and thanks for sharing this post!

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