Putting Family Before Work

We often say “family comes first”. Yet, we find it hard to put it into practice. Sometimes, we find ourselves having to choose between work and family. Parenting makes choosing between career and family more complex.

The time change or daylight savings exercabated the guilt I feel each time I pick up the little one late in the evening. My goodness! 6pm feels like 8pm. It is difficult to engage the little one or see his face when driving home from daycare in the dark.

After much introspection, I realized I was feeling guilty because I could change the situation if I truly desired a change. I asked God to give me the courage to choose my family over work. He answered. Yesterday, I presented my case and my supervisor was willing to work with my desired schedule. What a blessing!

When work starts to interfere with one’s family life, I believe one should take a moment and reflect on what really matters. We matter more to our family than our employers. Our employers can replace us anytime. Even CEOs get replaced. We should also remember that our jobs are not our source of income, they are channels of income. God is our source, He provides for his people. You can trust God to provide a better job that would allow for more family time, if that’s what you desire.

Balancing work and family life is difficult. That’s why we need to reflect on what really matters everyday. Ask God for wisdom, review your work schedule and restrategize. If leaving your work 15 mins early means more family time, go for it. God can give you favor on your job if you need help with your schedule. I was favored while serving in the military (that’s one of the hardest places to get what you want) and now on my civilian job. There is nothing too difficult for God.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. This is true beyond measure. Family is the most important thing. Especially with these little human beings who are growing up quite fast. If you are not present, you miss out on the most important moments of their growth. I can’t imagine not being there to see my boy make his first steps or say his first words because I was busy putting my job before my family.

    1. Thank you for sharing your views. Sadly, some parents miss milestones due to military deployments and other work trips that keep them away from their family. It can be difficult. I pray for my friends in these situation. That God will show them what to do.

    1. Thank you for stopping by today☺️ yes, we need to make memories with our family when we have the opportunity to do so..before they grow up and leave. That’s what we can hold on to when we can no longer be together as often as we would like.

  2. A great testimony sis. God always comes through when we trust Him and we are sincere with Him. 💃

    True, can be difficult to balance, but with God’s help and one’s determination. It can work!.

    And the scenario of one’s employer replacing another – it is so real. One has to really place one’s priority right.

    I once worked in a firm and I was told of a staff dying and you won’t believe it, someone else came to replace in a short while. That same day, they got someone to fill up!.

    Life is too short to misplace one’s priority. 👍

    1. Amen. God is faithful!
      Yeah! That’s sad and that’s life. There is always someone waiting to take one’s job position.
      My heart goes out to my sisters serving in the military, it is very difficult for them to fully give themselves to motherhood like they would love to.

  3. Wonderful! Glad your new schedule was approved! Your words here are an encouragement to me…“We should also remember that our jobs are not our source of income, they are channels of income. God is our source, He provides for his people.” Thank you! 🙏🏿❤️

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