FIGHT with Family this Thanksgiving

Yes, you read that right. FIGHT! In a few days, we will celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. A day American families near and far gather together to celebrate life and family. It is a holiday of joy and conflict. I suggest that we do the following to position ourselves for a memorable and joyful Thanksgiving:

Fellowship with your family as you feast: Take a moment to thank God for life and family. As you eat, reflect on the goodness of God. Enjoy Thanksgiving meal with a grateful heart.

Improve family relationships: Be a peacemaker and set healthy boundaries. Make peace if possible and ask God for wisdom to resolve conflict during Thanksgiving and beyond.

Give to poor families: Some parents cannot provide special Thanksgiving meal for their children. Help these families if you can and do it with your family. Thanks to my local church, my family had the opportunity to provide Thanksgiving meal for another family. Be a blessing to another family.

Humble yourself before God and your family: Let God reveal Himself through you this holiday as you meet with family members you may not like. If they are unbelievers, love on them and do not point out their flaws.

Thank one another: Express gratitude to one another. Celebrate one another. Find something good to say about that family member you may not like.

Stay thankful and let God’s love flow through you this season!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I had a great and restful Thanksgiving. We ate, we prayed, slept, watched movies..haaa! I didn’t do anything mentally and physically tasking. I hope you also had a great one. Did you celebrate Thanksgiving with your daughter?

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      1. Awesome! Glad you had a wonderful time. It’s a blessing you were able to relax. I did enjoy myself, I went to my cousins house and we had a nice gathering. My daughter is away in Spain so couldn’t make it home. I miss her but she’s enjoying life over there so far.

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