Go to Church

Are you looking for a reason to go to church in person instead of streaming online? Here is one of many reasons to go to church or find a local church you can call your home church: there are people putting their lives on the line to fellowship and worship God with other believers.

In various places across the world, Christians are being persecuted for gathering. It shows that there is something powerful about worshiping God with other Christians. When satan tries to stop something, it means he is threatened by the potential of the event or action.

Maximize the freedom to gather with other believers, if you live in a country where Christians are not persecuted for gathering. Don’t waste this privilege, cherish it. Honor God and our persecuted brothers and sisters. Take the time to prepare for church like you prepare for work. Sacrifice your time and comfort. If you can physically gather with other believers, don’t settle for online church. I once lost value for going to church with the advent of online worship services and spiritually edifying materials. I believed I did not need to gather with fellow believers. Thank God, my spouse had a different mindset about church.

Get to know other believers, so that you can have a sense of community. You can count on fellow believers to pray with you in difficult times. You don’t always have to fight alone. Fellowship with other believers and pray for persecuted Christians.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App

I pray that the Lord would lead you to a local church where you can grow in faith and serve.

Stay blessed!


  1. For those who are able, going into our Father’s house for worship with other believers is a powerful experience and adds so much value to our walk with Christ Jesus. Great post!