AMBER Alert for a Missing Child

Last night, I received an Amber alert for a missing two year old boy. It was my first Amber alert for a missing child. My heart was grieved, and I was deeply troubled. Suddenly, I became a spiritual superwoman. My family prayed for the missing boy, that he would not be harmed. Personally, I continued to pray in the spirit until the burden in my heart was lifted, and I felt a release in my spirit to move on to other things. This experience served as a reminder that God wants me to stand in the gap for my community. God wants you to do the same.

Can you imagine how many children and families we can save by standing in the gap/praying when we receive an Amber alert! We can expose child abuse in our neighborhoods by praying for children and families in our neighborhoods and getting to know our neighbors. We should not adopt a capitalist-individualistic way of life where it’s all about “me and my family”. Let’s be kingdom minded.

When my heart is burdened by a situation, I pray in the spirit or worship until the weight is lifted. I pray in tongues because I am often limited in my ability to pray with my understanding (1 Corinthians 14:14-15). What I know best to do is to pray in the spirit when I don’t know how to pray about a situation. I simply yield my spirit to God and ask Him to pray His perfect will through me.

My heart breaks each time I watch the news about a missing child found dead days later. The first 24 hours is usually a critical period, so it is good practice for every spiritual superwoman to pray as soon as an amber alert is received. Pray till you know that you know that you know that you have been released from praying about the situation.

While writing this post, I searched for an update about the missing child. I am happy to let you know that the boy was found. Apparently, the little boy was abducted by his father who was armed with a gun. He told the child’s mother that “somebody would die today”

If we believe that the most powerful one in heaven and earth lives inside us as Christians, we ought to use that power for the benefit of mankind. Jesus did not give his life for selfish Christianity, He commanded us to let our lights shine, reveal Him to the world, and do good works (Matthew 5:16).

Dear Christian mommas, put your superpower to work. Pray when you receive an Amber alert. Pray for families in your communities. Pray when your heart is burdened and grieved. You are not powerless.

You are a spiritual superwoman, go to work right now before the throne room.