Netflix: The First Temptation of Christ

It’s Christmas season and Netflix thought it wise to portray Jesus as gay in The First Temptation of Christ. Jesus loves and died for everyone with different ‘sexual orientation’ but He was not gay. Neither was He a drunkard as portrayed by another Netflix comedy.

Such disrespect for the Christian faith should not be encouraged. This same company once had child porn on its platform and threatened to leave my state, Georgia for ruling against an abortion bill. Netflix is supposed to entertain, not push political agendas, immoral values, and disrespect people’s faith. They dare not disrespect other faith, but they think it’s okay to just portray Jesus as gay and a drunkard.

Our job is not to defend Jesus, He is God. However, we can speak against this blatant disrespect for our faith by boycotting Netflix. Let the company know that we will not fund anti-Christian movies. We will not fund their ministry. When you cancel your subscription, please give your reason for cancellation. You can sign a petition to take the movie down HERE. Stand for your faith!

God bless you.


  1. The religious people of His day accused our Lord of being a glutton and a drunkard for hanging out with sinners (of course He wasn’t a glutton or a drunkard, although He was a friend of sinners).

    And as for the fact that Jesus was tempted in every way as we are, let was without sin- people might have tried to tempt Jesus to homosexuality, but unlike us He didn’t struggle with lust so He would have point blank refused to countenance such an abomination.

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