It’s Mine

Gesturing and saying “mine, mine, mine” have become the little one’s thing for a while. He is declaring his independence and making demands already?! He came to the world naked with no clothes, shoes, food, toys, etc. Then suddenly, he is saying “mine” to access whatever he wants without differentiating between what belongs or does not belong to him. Interestingly, this independent and possessive behavior that emerges by the 18th month of life unconsciously carries on throughout the lifespan. That’s one reason we struggle in our relationship with God and people.

We often think we do not need God’s help. That’s the “natural man” (1 Corinthians 2:14). We also find it hard to give or share our money and time because we think, “it’s mine”. We forget that our lives do not belong to us, and we cannot do anything of eternal value without God (John 15:5). Next time you are tempted to withhold good from someone, remember that’s a childish behavior. We all need to grow out of it. Next time you are tempted to ascribe all the glory for your accomplishments to yourself, remember the God who gave you life, sound mind, favor and good health to accomplish those things.

We must walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-18), if we want to live a truly God-centered, love-centered, and selfless life. God wants us to be child-like but not childish in the way we think and do life. Think God. Think community. Think giving. Think sharing. Not “mine, mine, mine”.


  1. I remember these days with my son lol.

    Everything belongs to God (Hebrews 2:10) and we are simply managers. I used to make plans about what I was going to do with “my money.” Then when I came into a relationship with God I learned that the money isn’t mine, I’m responsible for managing it. Too often, we believe that what we have is really ours. I certainly use to. This attitude made me a slave to money. I got set free when I understood: God owns it. The scripture says, a cattle on a thousand hill belong to Him. All silver and gold belongs to Him. When we truly understand that God owns everything it affects how we handle money. Since God owns everything, we are responsible to Him for how we spend it. God is going to judge us on how we managed our money.