A Christian Mother’s Creed: Book Cover Poll 2

Hello Friends, thank you for voting for a cover yesterday. I would like your thoughts on the UPDATED book cover design for A Christian Mother’s Creed. I have been working on the book for a while. Are you excited? I bet you are! Let’s vote cover 1 or cover 2 in the comment section. If you have not read A Christian Mother and Wife’s Creed, please check it out. The decision to write this book started with that post. My family has fought and won several battles while writing this book. It says a lot about this book. We are constantly fighting from a place of victory. This book will help mothers develop a kingdom-warrior mindset. Your comments are greatly appreciated. I love you all!


    1. Lol. Thank you sis. I chose “fight like a mother” because we fight to keep our children alive. we do not give up on them easily. we fight fearlessly and fiercely. I remember when I suddenly had to have a c-section, I was ONLY thinking about keeping my child alive. I was not thinking about my life or possible complications. If I find someone hurting my child, that person may longer be with us. I will fight physically and spiritually. No one messes with my child. I know you will do the same. That’s the idea. Think about mama bear 😉 ❤️