Invitation: Virtual Book Launch

Hi friends, join me on Zoom on 04.04.2020 for a virtual book launch. I would love to hear your thoughts, answer your questions, and interact with you live. Please follow A Christian Mother’s Creed Facebook page to stay informed about the book, express your interest in attending the event and enjoy other good stuff on the page (Reviews and my writing journey). Thank you! Stay safe.

Pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


  1. Good morning, Lord willing I am blogging tonight title “Book Awareness” requesting those who have published books and other material to briefly tell us about it and drop a link to order. Please make sure to pass on information in comment section. My blog is viewed by approximately 30,000 people; this is good exposure to help support one another.

  2. Congratulations. Not sure if my first reply was received; did not see it posted. Lord willing, tonight I am posting a short blog titled “Book Awareness.” I know a few people struggling to market their published materials. When blog is published and you are interested, please provide link and information how to order. My blog is viewed by approximately 30,000 people; this is a great way to be awareness to you book.

  3. Congratulations! I’m so proud of you! I should be on Facebook,…but a couple of years ago I jumped off and never looked back. I will be ordering your book. God bless you! 💚🤗👏🏻

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