A Prayer For Students And Staff

Group of school kids wearing protective mask to Protect Against Covid-19 with teacher sitting in classroom,education,elementary school,Social Distancing,learning and people concept.

Some cities have begun the process of reopening schools. Many people are fearful. Prayer helps us to let go of what we can’t control and embrace the peace of God.

God, we pray for a hedge of protection around students of all ages. We pray for the little kids who are too young to understand social distancing and miss being able to hug their friends. We pray for the children who will be returning back to school that you would not only keep them safe, but that they would thrive through the challenges. We pray for the feeling of disappointment due to not being able to play in the gym or out on the playground, for every school bus that travels, for every teen not sharing their day due to depression. We pray for every middle schooler who had a rough transition from middle school to high school. We pray for the educators and staff whose passion is to make a positive difference in the lives of children.

We pray for the families without options for childcare. For the parents who feel ill-equipped to overcome the obstacles. For the student’s dependent on the structure of the school system in uncharted times. For the children with special needs and those who have been given unequal opportunity. We pray for the children who have lost loved ones that you would comfort them and help them through these rough times.

God you are bigger than any challenges we may face, you are more powerful than our hardships, and so today we say, GOD, WE KNOW YOU ARE PRESENT. God protect the most vulnerable. Help those who are broken by what is happening in the reality of their emotions, yet still, have hope. Help us not to lose hope.

In the powerful and mighty name of Jesus we pray.



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