Kim Petitt

Motherhood Reflections: Their Own Place

Hello there, everyone! How was your holiday? This holiday was better than I imagined since I spent it with my son. He has moved into his first apartment. Honestly, I kind of invited myself over, but that is beside the point. I was not expecting him to say yes- I was expecting him to tell […]

Things I wish I had done differently before my child became a teen

Since I only have one child and only one chance at raising him, I find myself reflecting on my parenting practices and experiencing a pang of regret from time to time. I am pretty aware that I could have done better or have done more or less. My child is 22 years old, and I […]

Your Adult Child’s Decision to Take a Different Road

Is there anybody who is more idealistic than the parent of a newborn child? Those eyes were fixed on that infant for hours on end. We were overwhelmed with emotion both of joy and fear: delight at the wonder of life and this creation that we held in our arms and fear at the responsibility […]

Rediscovering Our Sense Of Pride In Our Children

We tell our children that we are proud of them when they have accomplished something. Our children’s accomplishments are significant, but we should also recognize them for who they are. The things our children have done, completed, achieved, or produced make us proud of them. As a result of what they haven’t done, we feel […]

My Goal As a Parent

Our ultimate objective as Christian mothers is to see our children walk in their God-given destiny, not to make them happy. A variety of things make our children happy. No boundaries and late nights watching television make kids happy, as does a pile of sweets and loads of soda, as does letting them run wild […]

How to Put Your Adult Children in God’s Hands

What do you do when your adult children do not make the decisions you would like them to make? My friend told me about her daughter, who has moved in with her boyfriend and is behaving strangely. I could sympathize with her as I listened to her story. We are both moms of grown children, […]

Where Did I Go Wrong?

“My child fared well in school and had ambitions of going to college; now he’s out of high school, not working, and claims he has no plans to go to college.” “My daughter never calls until she needs something, and even then she is nasty to me!” Have you ever experienced similar experiences, or is […]

Mother’s Day When Your Adult Child Doesn’t Celebrate You

The media inundates us with images of loving mom and child relationships, their hands holding beautiful bouquet flowers. We see gifts, cards, and children bringing their mom food in bed while sentimental music accompanies the acts of love. For some moms, the images can bring emotional pain. As Mother’s Day approaches, we may begin to […]

What Do You Do When Your Adult Child Makes Poor Choices?

When our adult child violates our values, makes poor choices or gets in deep trouble, we often question who we are as a parent. Our self-doubt shout at us: Was it something I did or didn’t do? Would this have happened if I had been a better parent? Would this have happened if I had […]

The Meaning of True Love

It is important to teach our children about the love of God all year around. Valentine’s Day approaching right around the corner also gives us a great opportunity to teach our children about “true love.” Not the conditional love the world shows, not Eros (romantic love) or even Storge (family love). We can use Valentine’s […]

Letting Go!

People mature as they grow older. As an adult, you are not the same person you were 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. Your desires change, your interest change, and truth is learned over time. Therefore, your understanding changed- and so did your experiences and your perspective on life. In the same sense, […]

When Your Child Doesn’t Come Home For The Holidays

The Thanksgiving season didn’t go quite how I planned after sending my son a text…”love to have you over,” and received no response. How quickly a hurt momma wants to just cancel the day and crawl into bed until the next day. Does this sound familiar? If so, I’m sorry. I would like to tell […]


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