Motherhood Reflections: Their Own Place

Hello there, everyone! How was your holiday? This holiday was better than I imagined since I spent it with my son. He has moved into his first apartment. Honestly, I kind of invited myself over, but that is beside the point. I was not expecting him to say yes- I was expecting him to tell me he had other plans. However, we spent the holidays together for the first time in many years, and it meant the world to me. Wow, it has finally happened- he has a home on his own, no roommate, just him. He has “officially” become an adult, and I could not be more proud of him.

Every parent is tremendously proud of their children when they go on to the next stage of their lives as responsible adults since it is such a significant milestone in their lives. Living on their own, paying all of the bills, setting up renters insurance, and doing everything else a household requires is an entirely different experience. All of these are things my son will have to sort out on his own moving forward. There will be no more plundering Mom’s refrigerator or sneaking food out the door. It is a whole other world for him. He has already begun to furnish his new residence. Although I tend to be concerned about him living on his own “for real”, the choices he will make, and the people he chooses to allow in his space- I choose to be supportive and believe that God has him and is more than ready for the challenge.

I will be blunt with all the mothers who are reading this- there would be a day when your child wouldn’t need to rely upon you as much anymore. When the time comes, trust that you did the best you could with what you had and believe God for the rest. As my son embarks on life in his new home, I pray he remembers all the good times and realizes that I genuinely did the best I could, and if I failed at times, it didn’t come from a lack of love; it came from a lack of understanding. Although we’ve had our differences, I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world.

I am here for you to all the mothers out there when the time comes!

Author: Kim Petitt

Kim Petitt holds a graduate degree in psychology. She holds a bachelors in communication and an associate degree in business administration with a concentration in office management. She is the mother of a twenty + year old male.

The journey of motherhood for Kim is quite unique being that she was a teen mom and living with a physical disability. The challenges she faced caused her emotional pain and loneliness, but because of her faith and relationship with God she didn’t give up and continues to overcome through Christ. Her heart’s desire is to reach out to teenage girls and young moms and women from all walks of life to teach them how to overcome their own personal challenges that keep them from loving God and themselves.
You can connect with kim by visiting her blog @kimpetitt09

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