God First

God First when I wake up God First when I go to bed God First in my marital decisions God First in my parenting practices God First in my academics God First in my career God First in all I do- This is my goal and greatest desire. Every decision must be guided with God’s […]

What’s Your Child’s Love Language?

What’s your child’s love language? My favorite behavioral and developmental model is the DIR model. DIR means Developmental, Individual-Differences, and Relationship. The DIR model considers individual differences (the strengths and weaknesses of an individual) when developing an intervention plan. Our children’s love languages are individual differences we must consider in our parent-child relationships. For example, […]

We Cried

Mindfulness is being present. I have a 2-month-old. He received some shots recently. The day he received his shots, the shot sites suddenly became more uncomfortable and painful. So, he started crying. I had a lot going on..school work, business, etc. Yet, I told myself they would have to wait. I decided to be present- […]


Recently, I stumbled on a movie ad and the word ‘sensitization’ was impressed on my heart. Within a minute, I could see how our little ones are being conditioned to accept witchcraft and unbiblical ideologies. I saw everything God hates being subtly normalized through entertainment. Sensitization refers to a change in emotional, neurological, and behavioral […]

The Key to Raising an Intelligent and Socially Adept Human: Part 2

In my previous post, I proposed that Building a relationship with your child is the key to raising an intelligent and socially adept human. This post suggests ways parents of children zero to eight years old can build a relationship that will impact their children’s emotional and intellectual growth. Ways to Build a Relationship With […]

The Key to Raising an Intelligent and Socially Adept Human: Part 1

This post is particularly for parents of children ages zero to eight because most of the studies referenced are based on this age group. So….new moms, that baby in your arms isn’t “just a baby”. That baby is the future and what you do with that baby today will impact him/her in adulthood. If your […]

How Early Childhood Experiences Shaped My Personality and Parenting Style

I grew up being a perfectionist, often times to avoid criticism from within the family. As an adult it carried over to my everyday life. Its caused problems in my workplace and relationships. Which carried over into areas of uncertainty in the form of self-doubt. I sought out affirmations from everyone and anyone…..