Dear Mommas, I celebrate You!

Motherhood is a constant choice. Choosing to say yes when it’s hard, choosing to say no when you don’t want to.

Choice. This beautiful gift we learn to steward in our lives and then nurture in our children.

I didn’t become a mom to all of my children through the “traditional” means. I didn’t labor through child birth with each of them or spend 9 months preparing for their arrival, but what I have found is I have the immense honor of choosing them everyday. Choosing to pour my heart into little ones that do not always seem to appreciate its value.

It’s tough, but somewhere in that journey I have realized just how incredibly special it is to mother all my children.

Today I celebrate moms. The ones fostering, adopting, birthing.. the ones who have lost, the ones who chose life, the ones who are still waiting. All of us deserve to be celebrated.

Happy Mother’s Day friends, you are my heroes!