Balancing Life: God, Marriage, Motherhood, Work, PhD, Blogging and more

Minutes ago, I received a very personal and timely email. The message brought me peace and calm. I believe it will bring you comfort and encouragement.

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This message is timely because I have been working on ways to balance all my responsibilities without leaving out the God-factor which holds everything together. I find myself in this state each time I take on a new role or responsibility. My favorite line in the message is “bring your authentic self to God” and I believe this is an all season word for everyone.

Dear brothers and sisters, we don’t have to put up a show before our heavenly father. Do whatever you need to do to stay connected with your source everyday. Play worship songs, read your Bible, read a book, listen to messages, etc. Just stay conscious of God’s presence and goodness.

God sees your heart for Him!


  1. Great post and reminders! I’m in a place of stepping back and out of things to evaluate my priorities, allow healing from past wounds, and ultimately turn it all over to God. Thank you for this timely reminder in our overly busy culture.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes! I believe God wants to bring us to a place where we are in constant communion with him even in our regular activities. I personally don’t want to do daily devotion out of obligation, I want it come from a place of excitement and love. God help me.