Cabbage Weaning Lesson

In case you don’t know, cabbage weaning is a thing. A thing my fitness coach brought to my attention two months ago. Whoever discovered or invented putting cabbage leaves on the breast to help reduce engorgement deserves a Faith Award. How did the woman come up with that? What was she thinking? I find it hilarious.

Cabbage weaning was my first resort when I found myself with breasts full of milk about 600 miles away from the little one. I needed something to reduce my breast milk supply and prevent sudden weaning complications. I didn’t understand the science of cabbage weaning, yet I tried it because I was informed that it works. That’s the power of testimonies. You can read two scientific studies on the use of cabbage leaves to reduce breast pain and engorgement here and here .

Using cold cabbage leaves to reduce engorgement sounded ridiculous when it was brought to my attention. I read more about it and decided to try it. I believed if it worked for some, it may also work for me. This is the power of testimonies. They inspire hope and faith. God’s word has enough testimonies and God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34).

The Christian Bible is filled with testimonies that God specializes in doing what is humanly impossible when we partner with Him. If you are looking for an evidence that God wants you to have something you desire, please read your Bible.

There are countless miracles around us even now. Look around you and see the testimonies of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Also, share testimonies of God’s mercy, faithfulness, and goodness in your life. Someone needs to hear your testimony, please don’t keep it to yourself.

Have a blessed day.

PS: cabbage weaning worked for me. I forgot to include that 😉


  1. This is so true Temi❤️. When I hear people’s testimonies, and what God has done for them. I always feel an immense joy and encouragement to keep having faith in God. ❤️❤️
    P. S: Did the cabbage leave work for you?

  2. Thank you so much! I needed this today as I’m working on my book which includes my testimony and I was struggling with serious insecurity and shame about sharing my story with the world. But, it’s not only my story. It’s God’s story, too, and part of our story is Him using it to help others.

  3. So much to learn from cabbage weaning testimony. Ur inspiring me to write a little about my testimony too sis. MY testimonies are so many but one is that from time I was diagnosed with leukemia as a 17 yr old, I remember a top doctor in CML in the whole world.already prepared my mind as a testimony for the possibility of adopting children in the future. Been on chemotherapy daily for rest of my life may have some effects on my fertility. Guess what? I got pregnant like,.a month after we started trying after marriage. Pregnancy was so easy, even with all the Doctors fuss, I went off my chemo and stayed off ,.

  4. Didn’t want it affecting our baby in utero, and I also wanted the privilege and health benefits of breastfeeding…it’s over two years later, my blood test results have been better than the 12,.+ yrs have been on chemo, haven’t broken down once with sleep interrupted nights and my energy and stamina levels way better. My immune system is heavenly fortified. God is good! With God all thinga are possible, He operates outside the limitations of time, space and medical/health principles

  5. Great post and great way to put it!! Cabbage weaning, how in the world do people come up with these ideas??

    Testimony’s are extremely encouraging for one another and when it points back to God it’s so rewarding!!..and glorifying to Him!!

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