You Can Let Them Go Now, They’re Adults


As a child, I describe myself as an “old soul.”
Someone who acted older than her age. Growing up with a deaf parent I had to
“grow up” really fast. I didn’t have the typically childhood of those of my
peers being that I had to be the one who helped my mom handle business affairs.
But when I enter adulthood there were times, I grieved the loss of my
childhood. No longer could I snuggle up in my bed and my mom give me medicine
when I was sick. So much of my life’s toughest decisions I faced alone.

The world can be a cruel place. Friends forsake us,
people who we think we can count on turn their backs. Your adult children
should know that you are the one place where they can find acceptance. This
doesn’t mean we have to agree with our children’s choices; however, we…

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  1. Great post and welcome on board! Your post applies to how one should treat every adult. It’s like praying over one’s spouse’s head instead of trying to control one’s spouse. I hope I remember to shut up and pray when I have teenage and adult children. Thank you!


    1. Thank you for the invite! I hope this blog post helps someone.

      It’s going to be difficult. They go from teenager to full blown adulthood in the blink of an eye. So when we see them struggling in their 20’s we feel compelled to help them. But they may see the advice as overstepping and start to become resentful.

      I still find myself want to counsel my son especially when I see foolery going on. But I have to fall back and remember he’s a grown man. What I am learning is it’s all about the approach. Before leaping in with advice, I’ll say…”have you considered?” With this approach I show respect for his ability to make his own decisions.

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