When ALL Else Fails

This was not the post I planned to publish today, but this is where I found myself few hours ago as a mother. I felt like screaming and crying after spending almost 3 hours trying to put the little one to sleep.

I had a paper to write with little time to spare. Spouse traveled for work. I am partially on a single mom mode. The little one had no clue. He sang, talked, and tried to soothe himself switching hands in his mouth. After all these, he started crying. It was a confusing scene.

Screaming at night was not an option and crying would confuse the little one. I could only do two things. I asked God to help me, and I asked the little one “you want food?” He stopped crying, lifted up his head and nodded.

Maybe I should have asked earlier.

This reminds me of the common statement that, “when all else fails, pray”. That’s a messed up statement. TALK to GOD before other things fail, and TRY GOD before other things. ASK GOD first. It saves one from unnecessary stress and heartache.


    1. It is good to know we are not alone and we share similar experiences. God is always there when we need Him, in the chaotic and peaceful moments of life. Thank you for sharing your experience and reflecting with me.

  1. Wow. Imagine that – all he needed was food. 😁
    Thank God for God really. I have had scenarios like that too. When I have tried to reason out some things and I have to ask Him for direction and it happens to be some thing simple and might not have crossed my mind if I didn’t ask.

    We need to seek Him first and all other things falls into place – direction, resolve etc.

  2. I understand it gets like this sometimes. When my son was a baby I had to call on the name of Jesus many a nights, as a teenager he had me going to throne on my face in prayer, now as he is a young adult I’m in spiritual warfare, warring for his soul.

    I pray it gets a little lighter for you and you are able to take care of what you need to take care of. One thing I wished I had done back then was had other Christian moms who I could reach out to for help.

    1. Amen. Thank you for your words of encouragement and reflection. I have a habit of forming long distance relationships, so I have a lot of friends sleeping due to the time zone difference. I need a Christian mom friend living closeby.

  3. Find myself at that juncture too often. A lot of breathing, feeding self and them, and of course seeking help (from other adults around us or God) does help. Good luck, momma! Hang in there. Solo parenting days can get hard.

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