A Christian Mother’s Creed: The Book

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Inspired by the Soldier’s Creed, A Christian Mother’s Creed calls mothers to Think like a Soldier and Fight Like a Mother. During initiation into the United States Army, future soldiers recite the soldier’s creed daily.
The Soldier’s Creed contains 12 declarations that transform the mentality and attitude of future soldiers.
In reciting and practicing the soldier’s creed, Civilians become Soldiers.
The Soldier’s Creed guides American soldiers throughout their service.
It is the key to thriving in the United States Army.

Just like the Soldier’s Creed, A Christian Mother’s Creed contains 12 faith declarations that can transform Worrying-Moms into Warrior-Moms. I used my experience in the United States Army to teach mothers how to think like a soldier, form an alliance with God in mothering, become supermoms, and practice kingdom-minded mothering.

The declarations in this book are prophetic words for women believing God for a child, single women hoping to become mothers, and those currently mothering. The power of confession and your alliance with God will call forth the child you desire, the mother you want to become, and empower you to attain mastery of a Christian Mother’s Creed.

As you gain a full understanding of the declarations in A Christian Mother’s Creed, you will become a fearless Christian mother and thrive in the ministry of motherhood.

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