Mothering is Discipleship

I enjoyed reading this powerful post on mothering as a position where we get to or have the obligation to disciple our children. This fellow Christian momma urges us to not underestimate our influence as mothers. I loved that she discussed the importance of caring for our children’s spirit, soul and body. You need to read it! We are mothers, we are homemakers, kingmakers, and nation builders!


  1. The post is very direct and I love the share sis. Beyond the activities and meeting their physical needs, it requires a balance to include other spheres of their growth too, even as God teaches us to.

  2. Great post and great photo…very touching with Dad reading to the kids…the youngest one sitting on Dad’s lap is so cute. With four children a mother must be on her “game” all the time as multi-tasker-in-chief…which is a journey of faith of biblical proportions. I think that is why God created women to have a lot of energy…really amazing.