Are you Contagious?

Yesterday, I wrote about the little one’s sleep being contagious. I end up sleeping off while putting him to bed these days. This got me thinking about contagious love, peace, hope and faith this season.

Instead of spreading negativity, gloom, doom, and hopelessness this season. I want to spread love, peace, hope, and faith. It is unfortunate that many have died from the pandemic we currently face. However, many have recovered as well. Both are deserving of recognition, but the media seems to only focus on news that propagate fear. I pray for comfort for hurting families and my heart breaks for their loss.

I believe children of the Almighty God should be light in this darkness and inspire hope. Our lands must be healed and hope must arise. We are prisoners of hope.

Scriptures to meditate: Matthew 10:13, Matthew 5:16, and Romans 8: 18-28

Join me in spreading hope, love, peace, joy, faith, and goodness this season. β™₯️


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