How Abuse Changed My Life…For the Good!

Every parent should read Sandie’s blog. She discusses her experience as a mom of an abused child and offers ways to both prevent child abuse and heal after child-abuse takes place. Please read her blog and pass it on. I do not go days without declaring over the little one “you will not be raped or molested, you will not be sexually perverted”. My little one is only two and he already knows to say “No, stop it” when someone touches his private areas. I cannot count the number of times I have cried for abused children and felt a righteous indignation against child abusers. So, I pray and create more awareness by sharing posts like this. Join me in praying and raising more awareness. Child abuse is real and we must fight!


  1. Hi Temi – Thanks for telling us about Sandie’s blog.

    You are wise to declare protection over your little one.
    Abuse of children is a tragedy that happens far more often than we can ever imagine.
    Let us pray for all children, and let us make sure that, by God’s grace, we can continue to advocate for them. 🌷😊

  2. Thanks for sharing this post sis. It’s sad how perverse our world has become.
    And love that the big one knows better. ❀
    With the way, the world is becoming. It’s important for parents to teach the child important things like this even from an early age. ❀

    1. Thank you. I will be guilty to not share. The devil is full of evil and hate for humanity. We must keep him defeated.
      The little one may become “the big one” when he is 5 or 8 or 10 or 12🀭

  3. Yes!!!! So important to teach into this, I also have taught my kids the difference between good and bad touch from a very very young age!!! I had it happen to myself as a child and will absolutely NOT tolerate my children having to go through any of that!! Thank you for reposting this Temi!