I Allow Unlimited Screentime When….

Okay, this “way maker” song has been on repeat play in my house for days. Today, the little one has been glued to it. We dare not turn it off, if we do not want to hear a high pitched scream. I was about to turn it off after considering the negative impacts of excessive screentime on children. But then….I remembered my family just beat COVID. We just walked through the valley of the shadow of death. So Yeah, we need joyful noise in the house.

It’s unlimited screentime day when it’s not cocomelon, dave and ava, etc. It’s unlimited screentime time when it’s “Way Maker” song on repeat. and yeah! I will let it play, dance while I cook because I can smell what I am cooking, I can taste, and I can stand because Jehovah Nissi, the Way Maker made it possible. I can do my mommy duties!!

Y’all better worship and dance with me. God is always good. The God of heaven heals! Have faith in God! Keep hope alive!


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