Let Their Voices Be Heard- My Interview with Temi of Christian Mommas-Part 2

Hello friends! Please check out my blog series with papa Matt, my father in Christ. In the blog series, I share real-life stories that will inspire you to have faith in God, walk in love, maximize your challenges, and dream big. Thank you!

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I am certain as you read Temi’s answers last week and this week, you will come to admire her as much as I do. She has been through so much in her life trusting Jesus all of the way.

Temi first came to the USA as an international student. Today she shares about her experience as an international student. Last week in Part 1 she shared about discrimination.

Her blog is christianmommas.com where she shares about life as a mom and her faith. She has also authored a book- A Christian Mother’s Creed. It is a good book to read. I am reading it, but obviously I will never be a mom. However, as I read it I substitute the word teacher for mother and the word students for children and have found good application.

  1. What are some of the hardships you went through when you came to the U.S…

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