11 Ways to Build a Healthy Homeschool

To all my homeschooling and intending homeschooling parents,this one is for us. I love that Laura addressed the importance of homeschooling with the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of our children in mind. You need to read this. Laura’s blog is a great resource for anyone planning to homeschool this season. Stay blessed! Thank you for reading ❤

House On A Hill

Guess what! HOUSE ON A HILL is one year old this week! It’s gone by so fast and I’m loving every minute of it. So, today I thought it would be perfect to focus on what my mission has become over the past year – helping Moms build a whole, healthy homeschool.

When we talk about being healthy, we have to take our whole being into consideration. God created us with three parts – physical, mental (including emotional and social) and spiritual. Each one is a piece of the puzzle. We are healthy when our puzzle is complete.

-Physical Health-

Taking care of our bodies, diet and exercise.

-Mental Health-

Taking care of our brain as well as our emotional and social needs.

-Spiritual Health-

Taking time to grow in our personal relationship with Jesus and trusting him daily.

Defining Homeschool Success

As homeschool moms, our ultimate goal is to…

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