Three Ways to Support Fathers

In honor of fathers, I am sharing three practices that can strengthen the father-child relationship. Be blessed as you read!

Connection with Positive Role Models

Studies show that fathers experience hormonal and psychological changes when transitioning to fatherhood. The physiological and psychological changes fathers experience often enhance their capacity to nurture their children. The concept of fatherhood constellation suggests that fatherhood changes men and stirs the need for father figures, the need for a relationship with other fathers, and a connection with one’s father. Since fatherhood awakens these good desires, it means helping fathers actualize the desire for relationships with other fathers can yield positive outcomes.

With that said, we can support fathers by guiding them to relationships that can strengthen father-child relationships. Mommas, this is where spiritual discernment and wisdom are key. Let’s observe the values of father figures around us and engage spiritual judgment to guide our children’s fathers to relationships that align with our faith values, particularly Biblical beliefs about parenting and marriage.

One of the wisest men that ever lived said, “He who walks [as a companion] with wise men will be wise, But the companions of [conceited, dull-witted] fools [are fools themselves and] will experience harm.” Proverbs 13:20 (AMP) Let’s connect fathers with wise men and expect wise association to have a positive influence on their fathering

Spiritual Intelligence

It is costly to neglect Spiritual Intelligence (SI) when supporting fathers. Spiritual intelligence is the ability to use spiritual means to gain insight into issues and solve them. SI can help us become aware of the unspoken needs of fathers in our lives, enabling us to support fathers beyond human limitations. Living God-conscious, praying, fasting, speaking in tongues, and engaging spiritual weapons are important for solving problems such as negative fathering patterns that disrupt healthy father-child relationships. With SI, we will win arguments with words of wisdom and in prayer, and guide the house.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. 1 Timothy 5:14 (KJV)

Ask Fathers

As often as possible, let’s ask fathers, how can I strengthen your relationship with our children? You may discover your child’s father wants you to include him in some decision-making process. Perhaps, that’s why many mothers may not want to ask. We tend to think fathers should not be too involved, and some moms prefer control over partnership. Mothers and fathers must learn to work together.

Asking communicates to a father that we have great regard for the father’s relationship with his children and the father’s position in the home (for those with a father in the home). Asking fosters a positive co-parenting culture, making it more difficult for fathers to feel they need to compete with mothers for their children’s love or affection. Asking tells fathers, “we are  a team, and we are in this together.”

Let’s apply spiritual intelligence, connect fathers with positive role models, and ask fathers, “how can I support your relationship with our children?” Together, we can create a healthy environment for our children!

If today was your last day on earth, do you know where you will spend eternity? Are you sure you will make it to heaven? If you are not sure, you need to give your life to Jesus Christ. Please say the prayer below and let me know about it here.

Say this: Heavenly Father,
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Welcome to God’s family!

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