Leave the Baggage

With the first month of the new year now swiftly behind us, we can officially say that 2022 is in the rearview and it’s full speed ahead as we venture into 2023. As you begin to set your sights on new goals to accomplish, remember to be mindful and know that you are worthy to be celebrated, forgiven, respected, heard, seen, protected, and loved!

New York Times bestselling author and restorative writing teacher, Alex Elle shares “3 Things to Leave Behind in 2022“…

1. Leave behind the idea that you need to be a “new you” in the New Year. There’s so much pressure to become a different version of yourself every year.  Allow yourself to change and grow without the pressure to reinvent yourself this month or even in the months to come.

2. Leave behind relationships you know aren’t healthy for you.  Some relationships are not for the long run.  Holding on to connections that you know and feel are dysfunctional will keep you stuck in the patterns you say you want to break.

3. Leave behind being “the strong one.”  Pretending to be okay when you’re not isn’t sustainable or supportive. Give yourself permission to soften and not be the one to carry it all or do it all.

Drop the baggage and give Jesus your burdens, for He loves and cares for you. Trust Him to be a safe haven for you, a place of rest and comfort (Psalm 91:2).

Meditate: Matthew 11:28 — “Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.'”

Pray: Dear Most Gracious Father, our soul cries out with gratitude. Thank you for carrying every burden we face. Thank you for lifting us when we are weak and elevating us to be all you’ve called us to be. We praise You for unconditionally loving us, even in times when we may not always love ourselves. Thank you for being a shield of protection. Guard our hearts. Heal every wound. Thank you for bringing us through another year. We know that you are with us in every circumstance, every trial, and through every moment of weakness and sorrow. Lift the heavy burdens we carry and give us Your unspeakable peace and loving rest when we are weary. Amen.

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