Reblog- I Dare to Write: How to be a Good Mother-in-law

Last month, I came across this amazing article by a fellow blogger, Tammy @ Grandma Mary Martha. My fundamental thought on daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationship is this: Be the kind of mother--in-law you want your children to have.Be the kind of daughter-in-law you want to have. Enjoy and Be Blessed! I Dare to Write: How…

Reading Plan Recommendation: 5 Days to Freedom from Angry Parenting

From sibling rivalry to teenage defiance, one chapter at a time they offer both practical and Biblical insights based on the teaching of Scripture. Join Amber and Wendy and leave your angry reactions behind, fostering a more gentle and loving home.

Mommas, what are you stirring up in your home?

As a wife and a mother I spend a lot of the time making sure everyone is taken care of and things are accomplished. I am in the daily details, but if at the end of the day the things I am reflecting are ugly and poisoned I am doing no-one any good by having a clean house and folded laundry.