Mommas, what are you stirring up in your home?

Marriage is a lot like a mirror. It exposes selfishness in a raw and unfiltered way. Is the reflection you are seeing ugly? If so I have learned to examine myself first before throwing a finger.

Much like in parenting, I am in control of the atmosphere around me. What am I cultivating in my children? What am I stirring in my husband? As a wife and a mother I spend a lot of the time making sure everyone is taken care of and things are accomplished. I am in the daily details.  However, if at the end of the day the things I am reflecting are ugly and poisoned I am doing no-one any good by having a clean house and folded laundry.

My husband leads and covers, but what is stirred in me is what becomes the heartbeat of our home. Am I reflecting a vision of love and hope or selfishness and annoyance? Wives/ mothers are a guard to the hearts that have been given to them.

Personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and hopelessness are all attacks aimed to throw you off of your intercessory assignment for your home. Extend grace to yourself.

P.S: Whether you find yourself struggling with finding your place outside of mom-hood or your purpose in this season, you aren’t alone. Just remember, believing the lie that you are “stuck” is very damaging. Steward well the things in front of you now and I can guarantee the journey will be a lot more fun and rewarding!

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