How a Momma’s Partnership With God Freed Her Teenage Daughter From a Toxic Relationship

Tamara Beach is a mom of two, a sister in Christ and a part of my Instagram family. After reading a short testimony about a tough parenting period she went through, I reached out to Tamara. I wanted to know more about her testimony so other mothers and my future self can learn from her.

In this blog post, Tamara gives us a glimpse of a season where she liberated her daughter from a toxic relationship through partnership with God. I believe every momma with a teenager can learn from her experience. Tamara is the mama bear who refused to sit back and let the enemy mess with her daughter.  Be blessed as you read!

The Power of Observation

It was a drawn-out elongated journey where the beginning of a dating relationship with a boyfriend began to slowly change my daughter. When a teenager becomes quiet and stays in that distance, to me that meant her mind was loud and busy. For a young daughter to go from doing her hair and putting thought into her style of clothes to just putting her hair up in a bun and wearing lounge around clothes. Something was wrong! My daughter seemed very conscious of adjusting or changing herself instead of being confident of whom she had been.

God put pieces of the puzzle bit by bit in front of me- and I knew as the story unfolded without my daughter telling me the title. She was in a relationship with a boy from a country where women are treated very differently, and he was manipulating her mind to feel ashamed of being herself. It was a very toxic relationship.

Divine Strategy and Dependence on God

I prayed each step of the way and asked God to deliver every word through my lips to my daughter so it would have power. It was as if God allowed the situation to happen but kept harm at arm’s length from my daughter so she could tell the difference between good and evil. It was very bitter but the Lord turned bad for our good and it became bittersweet. A renewed mental state with much love and tears turned my daughter into a very beautiful young lady, and I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter- with Complete Glory to God for his grace.

Satan said, “ she’s just a teenager, it’s normal”. That was a lie! God gave divine step by step instruction in COMPLETE LOVE and divine warmth. I am in complete Awe of my father. An amazing GOD! He is Awesome!

What I Want other Parents to Know

To totally Hear God or see through the eyes of God means to come to the end of yourself and give Him complete control. Know you can’t do this on your own. He gives us our children- He chose me to raise my daughter. God works through people without them even knowing it. He can give you a complete picture to confirm your intuition.

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost brands you as their own and the devil despise that. 🙏 Remember, Satan uses truth to lie. He perverts the truth. know that when the Lord moves you- it feels peaceful and it is empowering. When the devil pushes or moves you, it’s unsettling and it is usually done to turn you away from something you need to face.

Sometimes it will feel like you are smashing and crashing for the breakthrough. That’s how you know you are closer to your victory. Right when the wall feels like you’ll never penetrate through- that’s when the devil is shouting at his loudest. So crash in- Hard- and break through it.

Take your child/children in your arms and tell them how beautiful and how amazing they are, and say “ thank you for being my child, I love you”.

My Prayer 

I pray for those in similar situations and cover them in the blood of Jesus. I pray that your child/children will feel the *need* to receive parental guidance and feel divine love from it. I pray that these mothers will not feel alone, that they will know each and every prayer is heard. I pray that they will not grow weary. I pray that God will continually equip you with strength.