Reblog- I Dare to Write: How to be a Good Mother-in-law

Last month, I came across this amazing article by a fellow blogger, Tammy @ Grandma Mary Martha. My fundamental thought on daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationship is this:

Be the kind of mother–in-law you want your children to have.

Be the kind of daughter-in-law you want to have.

Enjoy and Be Blessed!

I Dare to Write: How to be a Good Mother-in-law

It would difficult to find an experienced woman who would disagree, that this relationship among adults is made of tricky dynamics.

It is not the easiest, but that does not mean it can not be glorious.

All parties, kind, lovely ladies, doing their best; still it can be difficult.

My mother-in-law was awesome, and she was taken from us too soon. She left the trials and troubles of this world, just about at the age I am right now. I wish I could hug her now, and love on her more, and thank her for being so precious, but I can’t here now, so it is my great meaningful pleasure, to continue to LOVE ON HER SON, and speak of her respectfully and lovingly.

I never read a book or article on it, but years of …. can I just say, “life experience,” helped determine how I want to be as a mother-in-law. I take my role as mother-in-law seriously, and I equate it to a role of responsibility, but not responsibility that some might expect.

I realize that I can not speak to everyone’s specific circumstances. My daughter-in-law, is an amazing, accomplished, and focused young woman. She is responsible, hard working, and she has her eyes fixed on our Lord, her daughter, and her husband. How blessed we are!

She does not NEED me, but yet these are the responsibilities I accept, as incumbant here and truthfully also in many other relationships:

1) Number one responsibility is to love, edify and build up. Adjust to preferences to a reasonable degree, and respect individual’s comfort zones. Do your best. Over time the beauty can grow. …………….CONTINUE READING


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