Overcoming Fear: The Heart of a Military Mom

As a former military spouse and new military mom, I know fear and more importantly how to defeat fear each time it shows up.

My husband completed 8 years of active duty military service and decided not to re-enlist due to the birth of our daughter. He wanted to be home and see her grow up. I was grateful for the gesture and decision. I’m glad he was able to become a part of our lives full time.

Our 19-year old son has always wanted to join the military but I wasn’t sure if it was because his dad was in the Navy or it was purely his choice. As he got closer to graduating high school, I tried to persuade him to do something else out of fear of him leaving and possibly going to war. I prayed and prayed… but he was persistent in joining the Navy.

When I realized joining the military was something, my son wanted for his own life, I began to relax and God was then able to work on my heart. It was revealed to me in my time with God that I was perhaps praying against God’s will for my son’s life. I had to remember that God loved him more than I ever could and that he would always be protected by his heavenly father.

It was extremely hard to let go of my son and allow him to fully grow. However, I am now impressed by the purpose-driven young man my son is becoming. There is more to the military than war and I knew that in my heart. Initially, my mind went straight to the negatives and not to how God wanted to guide and bless my son’s life. I have confessed my feelings to my son and released him in God’s hands. I am glad that I allowed God to show me not to operate in fear and to let go and let God!

Dear military moms, we can trust God to take care of our children while they serve our country. God’s eyes can go where we can’t and His love for our children is greater than our love for them. We can count on God to protect them.


  1. Great post! I was 18 when I joined the military and I am glad my mom/dad let me go. Now my daughter is 22, and I am going through the same thing. She’s not joining the military but she wants to travel abroad. I am learning to trust God and let her go! Thanks 🌸💕

  2. Amen! This was refreshing to read this morning! Holy Spirit has been showing lately (probably a lot more but I wasn’t listening😏) that God has a purpose and plan for our daughters life and that I should pray for her to see His plan and not mine or her Dad’s plan. It’s taken awhile to understand and grasp, but it’s a whole lot more peaceful in that understanding. Again, what a refreshing post to see God move in a child’s (moving into adulthood) life! Thanks for sharing the hand of God in your family’s life!!