Do You Care?

One thing I quickly learned as a behavior therapist is that my clients’ parents don’t really care about my scientific knowledge, academic and professional achievements. All they care about is my ability to do my job well from a place of love for their children. That’s all that really matters! I have also learned that […]

Trouble in Paradise: Praying Over My Husband’s Head

Earlier today, I learned the possibility of experiencing heaven on earth in marital-relationship. So, here I am writing about what I learned recently as a wife. Marriage and Parenting: I believe a healthy marriage makes parenting easy. So, motherhood and marital relationship work together. To the single mommas, you are the strongest women alive and […]

What will you do?

What if I told you there is someone relentlessly strategizing and mobilizing a group of people to cause your child pain. What will you do? What if I told you there is someone studying your child’s tendencies, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses with the sole intent of harming your child. What will you do? What if I […]