Talking to Children About Sex

The story of Noah is one of my first little one’s favorite Bible stories. Last year, I asked him, “Can you tell me about the rainbow?” He said, “It rained for forty days and forty nights. There was a storm. The boat on top of a mountain. A rainbow appeared in the sky. It was a sign from God.” His knowledge of the rainbow is derived from the Bible because we are maximizing the principle of the first mention. He will never forget his first perception of a rainbow, just like he will not forget his many firsts in life.

Before our little ones learn about the rainbow, sex, gender, and life from the world, we must ensure our children are first aware of Biblical truths on these subjects. If we do not take time to teach our children Biblical truths, the world will teach them unbiblical concepts.

We invite you to create time today and next Tuesday to learn how to talk to the little ones in your family or circle of influence about sex and sexual identity

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