SAHM: 3 Ways to Overcome Insecurities

This blog post was inspired by the feedback received from my last post, Dealing with Insecurities: Stay-at-Home Mom.Please check it out. I addressed some of the insecurities we face as stay-at-home mamas. Instead of dwelling on our feelings of insecurities, it is time to face this issue head on. Let's grab a cup of coffee,…

Here’s Why Little Children Stay in the Toilet With Their Moms and What I Learned From It

I think a lot of moms have been in my shoes. Let's be honest. There was a time you had to or there will be a time you will have to take your child to the bathroom while you do number 2...except you are Hollywood type of rich or have a 24/7 nanny, family assistance, and husband services.