Mama, Keep Your Head Up!

Stay-at-home moms who take their kids EVERYWHERE and working Moms that never get a break, this one is for YOU!

I KNOW you are…tired, flustered, question your own sanity, feel like you are surviving most days.

We have traded sweats for nice outfits and messy “mom buns” for clean, dry hair….

We eat standing up or jump up a million times during every meal. We know the lyrics to more children’s songs than we every thought possible 😂.

Instead of a six pack, We have “baby bumps” ( years after the babies are grown🙄).

We question our parenting strategies (or lack there of) every 5 minutes.

We wonder if we will ever feel human again.

Please hear me!

Your “job” as Mama MATTERS!

Those sleepless nights taking care of sickies and littles afraid of the dark…

Grilled cheese and PBJ sandwiches…

Load after load of laundry and Sinks full of dishes…

Bath time, bedtime stories, coloring, puzzles, diaper changes…..

It ALL matters!


Because you aren’t JUST a mom. YOU ARE MAMA! The one they want when happy, sad, scared, bored, sick, tired, nervous….

Keep your head up, Mama. You MATTER and you are ADORED!

Few days ago. Photo credit: Me ☺️♥️


  1. Yes, excellent post! Recently, I was getting my nails done and this woman was in there with her 3, yes 3 baby-toddlers. I couldn’t help but think how brave she was lol. I watched her interact with them and she was so patient as she was getting her pedicure. They were playful but well behaved given where they were. There was a couple women that seemed aggravated by them but I made a point to encourage her and say how pleasant and well behaved they were and what a good mom she was.
    Being a mom is tough but so rewarding! I think it’s the highest call💗