How to Start your Day Off Right

Few hours ago, the little one woke up while I was tidying up the house and meditating on some Bible verses (Thanks to YouVersion!). The little one reached out for me to stop whatever I was doing and hold him. I complied. While sitting with him laid back against my chest, I praised God, loved on the little one and some interesting thoughts came to mind.

I realized, the little one seeks me every morning. To assure himself that he is not alone, to rest and find comfort on my chest, and ask for food with non-verbal cues. The little one understands that he needs his mother first thing in the morning. I cannot help but think I am perhaps the first thought on the little one’s mind every morning. As his mother, I play a crucial role in his development of self, perception of the world, and social interaction with others. These are few things developmental theorists assert about parent-child relationship. You can read this article to learn more about motherhood, trauma and the development of empathy in early childhood. The little one has a different and special relationship with his father, I will discuss that someday soon.

The little one knows he needs me every morning and I am sure every child knows they need a mother whether that need is met or not. As I reflected on the little one’s behavior and mother-child developmental theories. I asked myself some questions. Is it reasonable for me to be too busy to spend time with God, knowing that my sense of self and identity is found in Him? How can I expect God to order my steps throughout the day if I do not seek or acknowledge Him before I go about my day? Isn’t it important for God to be the first thought on my mind every morning? What would each day look like if I consistently seek God first despite my “busy schedule”?

This is where I am today. While God understands life can be busy, He wants us to understand that our days will be better when we start it off by acknowledging that we need Him. Starting each day with a simple “Thank you Jesus for today” or “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it” goes a long way.

Let’s put God first each day. That’s how to start the day off right!


  1. Girl, I love this so much!! I get up early before the kids for my alone time with God… But my 8 year old is up not long after. He seeks me out, sits with me, and we talk quietly in the early morning hours. I cherish it.

    Love this post. ❤️

  2. Apt!. 👍❤

    From personal experience, if I exclude my tine out with God in a day, the day feels miserable. It’s like everything just seem to be going wrong!.

    Our day; and our lives need God daily. In Him we move and truly have our being!

  3. Our number 1 goal in life should be that of creating a dynamic and intimate relationship with God. And a good way to start our day with God is by talking to him in prayers. Beautiful post as always🙏🏾❤️