Reasons My Husband and I Can’t Afford to Be Spiritually Lukewarm Parents

My husband and I often discuss and remind ourselves about the detriment of spiritual insensitivity and Lukewarmness to our household. Since the birth of our son, we have prayed for spiritual awakening and become more spiritually sensitive in our approach to life. We are no longer only or simply responsible for our own spiritual wellbeing, our child’s spiritual and general welfare is also dependent on ours.

Hence, we cannot afford to tolerate any sin or anything that will give the enemy access to our lives and household. We desperately do not want our child to be afflicted in any way or be a victim of generational iniquities and curses. We have decided it ends with us! Just like Jesus paid the ultimate price and said ‘it’s finished’, we are willing to make sacrifices for our child’s future.

Our decision to be more spiritually sensitive and seek God’s help isn’t out of fear that something bad will happen if we are not rightly positioned or don’t do things right. We are simply acknowledging our dependence on God. We are placing ourselves in a position where we are constantly reminded that we can do nothing in our own strength.

We can’t protect and raise this child on our own, we are dependent on God’s wisdom to do parenting right and train our child.  We are not seeking God out of fear that the enemy can do to us what he did to Job in the Bible. All we want is to stay conscious of the God who has helped us so far and live His perfect will for us as a household. We have a responsibility to provide a spiritual covering for our child, and we trust God to help us with this responsibility.

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