First Fall

Three days ago, the little one had his first fall off the bed. Apparently, I didn’t secure the bedside crib well enough to prevent him from falling between the bed and the crib. I heard the sound of a fall while making my way back to the room. My heart sunk. It started beating fast but I couldn’t and didn’t panic. The little one’s facial expression was like “what just happened?? I was up there and I am suddenly here??!!” He looked scared-surprised or in shock, but he wasn’t crying.

I believe he would have cried if I had screamed when I heard him fall or expressed fear while picking him up.

Since the birth of the little one, I have made a conscious decision to not be excessively worried, to subdue fear and not express fear as a first time mom. Many things were and are new to me and my husband; like the first time he held his head tight with his fists because he was hungry (he was few days old), occasionally choking up on his spit, breastmilk coming out of his nose, stomach gas, not pooping for days, and sweating on the head…etc.

I consistently remind myself that fear is contagious and I don’t want it to rob off on the little one. Scientific studies show that our emotions are contagious . Bible scholars propose that we are commanded 365 times to “Fear Not” in the Bible. Fear is a fast killer and it is very contagious.

I can only pray for the grace to always subdue fear in every situation I am faced with. Perhaps, remembering and choosing not to panic or express fear as a new mom is God’s strategic way of preparing me to live fearless in every area of my life.

P.S~ Please share and comment. What is the most fearful situation you have dealt with as a mother?

What did you do when your baby had his/her first fall?

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