For the Struggling Mom…You are Good Enough.

My biggest hope as a mother is to teach my children that God is personal and His call on their life is unique. I hope that I encourage them to dream His kind of dreams and do things that require big faith.

My hope as a friend to other moms especially, is to encourage them that their children are unique and God is personal.

I have sat with, texted and had phone conversations with other mothers who are struggling with hearing a voice of love. It seems like so many of us are drowning in a world full of people’s opinions and critiques. So many people who are quick to give their advice, instead of taking the time to hear the heart of the person sharing. So many voices that say we are doing it better or worse than the person next to us. So many voices that say raise your kids this way so they can turn out that way.

My heart today is burning for moms who feel defeated. Moms feeling alone. Listen to me… You aren’t supposed to be her, your children aren’t supposed to look exactly like those children. Your children are unique and the call on their life is personal. Extend grace to yourself and hear the voice of the Father for the family in front of you.

And if you have been that voice of negativity and judgment… apologize. There are too many negative opinions as it is. Do the hard thing and love the person in front of you. Do the sacrificial thing and encourage the person barely making it. Tell them they are good enough. Tell them they can do it. Tell them their children are a blessing.

Take the time to impart love into this world and I promise you will receive it when you are the one needing it.

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