Being an Adult is Overrated, I Want to Be Like a Child

Disciplining the little one has become a thing. I don’t mean spanking. At least, not yet. I use words and action. However, I have found myself raising my voice and threatening to bite him. Yes, I threaten to bite. That’s the most extreme thing I can think of. Moving on. I don’t feed him everything nor let him play with everything he cries for.

Despite all these, he consistently reaches out for me. Sometimes, he laughs while I am correcting him. Sometimes, he cries. He occasionally gives me a side-eye. True! I know what I see….but, he never turns away from me and shows me he needs me. God knows, I also need the little one.

The fact that the little one reaches out for me even when I discipline him convicts me of my natural tendency to treat people the way they treat me. It’s the silent treatment and creating a distance instead of having a healthy confrontation. How about being consistent like my little one?! How about loving people like I have never been hurt?! I am not talking about being foolish. I am talking about seeing people through the eyes of love despite the disappointments, setting boundaries from a place of love, not revenge or retaliation.

Imagine letting go and being quick to forgive like a child instead of allowing the negative reactions of others determine our response. That’s what I want, the heart of a child. I have no doubt happiness will become inevitable and prayers will get answered quicker if we are not easily offended and learn to quickly forgive like a child. 



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