Easter Reflections

Please fill in the blanks below using one of options provided for each blank space.

Newborn babies are perfectly (i) _______________, as yet unable to be concerned for others, or even to understand the difference between themselves and the world around them. As young children mature, they make the (ii) ________________ discovery that other people exist and have their own needs and desires- in other words, that the entire world is not about them.

Blank (i) answer options- solipsistic, sophomoric, quixotic

Blank (ii) answer options- arresting, selfish, undue

Manhattan Prep GRE, 2015

If you chose, solipsistic for blank (i) and arresting for blank (ii), your answers are corrects!

The proposition of the quoted text is true in many ways. My little one wants what he wants, when he wants it, without regard for people, time, and place. He is still all about himself.

Unfortunately, most adults are in many ways like newborn babies because we often get caught up in “me, myself, and I” mentality and approach to life.

As we celebrate the Life and death of Christ this week, scriptures and teachings are convicting me of my own selfish nature. I was convicted of my preoccupation with personal success. These days, it’s all about me and my family instead of the Kingdom of God.

Thank God for Easter, Christmas, other Christian religious holidays and Holy Communion. Most times, they remind us about the principles, truth, and foundation of the Christian faith.

Easter reminds me of the one who freely and selflessly gave himself for us, Jesus Christ the Messiah.

Jesus is perfect selflessness and love. He walked into Jerusalem and healed the blind/lame despite knowing those celebrating Him would turn against Him in few days. That is love, not repaying evil for evil.

Easter reminds us of our loving father and God who gave that which was most precious to Him for the sake of the world. Everything God has done is for the sake of the world, the restoration of mankind to the beginning

This is my heart cry: For the sake of the world, burn like fire in me. Teach me to love like you. Amen.

Happy Easter!